Scott G

Newcastle | Indoor Climbing Skills |

We’d only ever done some light bouldering until this point, so to say we were all a little nervous was an understatement. As a group of 5, we were soon put at ease with Chris Renney’s safety induction and were soon hitting the wall using easy holds and hanging on the rope to build our trust in the equipment and to boost our confidence. In under 2 hours we had all learned to fit a harness, rethread a figure of eight knot and add a stopper knot, different types of holds, Belaying with assistance, improved movement and a massive confidence boost overall. 2 adults and 3 kids having a great time as a group in a non competitive( well sometimes! haha),fun and very social environment with an amazing instructor that literally “showed us the ropes”.

2 years on we are all still climbing on and off. For fun, fitness, education or even just a social outing as a group; I’d highly recommend UP ROUTE for learning to climb.

Cheers Fella ?

Scott, Ben, Liam, Ricky and Paul.